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An anthropologist's perspective on business, society, and ADVENTURE!!!!

Latest Update —

Help Anthropologists Fight Ebola

The people of Guniea face an unprecedented ebola outbreak. Naturally, Lanfia Toure — noted African anthropologist and Ashkuff & Co. subscriber — established a mobile health clinic right in the fray.

So help Toure’s team fight the ebola outbreak at, We welcome and appreciate any size contribution, but request $70 – enough to furnish a volunteer’s decontamination equipment. Of course, smaller donations add up fast, too!

More than research.
More than disaster relief.
Your contribution fights the disaster itself.

Contribute at,

— thanks in advance, Ashkuff

Author's Choice —

“You know anthropology’s dirty little secret? People just got into it, so they could use whatever the Hell methods they wanted.”

Unnamed Drunken Anthropologist & Award-Winning Author. American Anthropological Association’s 111th Annual Meeting. Nov 2012.